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Constitution / Policies


RSL Kings Constitution - Revised May 12th, 2014

District 1 Constitution


Coaches & Managers Policies - Rev. April 2014


Refund Policy

The Rideau St. Lawrence Kings "A/AA" Minor Hockey Association's refund policy is:

•  Refunds may only be issued by the Registrar
•  An Administration Fee of $50 (Fifty Dollars) will apply to all refunds.
•  A full refund (less Administration Fee) is available until September 30th of each season.
•  A 50% (Fifty Percent) refund is available from October 1 - November 15 of each season.
•  After November 15th of each season, no refund will be available with the exception of a serious medical condition or injury, confirmed by a  medical doctor's written note.
•  No refund will be issued after December 1st of each season for any reason.
•  No refund will be issued for the fundraising portion of the player's fees.

NSF Policy

The Rideau St. Lawrence Kings Minor Hockey Association's NSF policy is:

In the case that a member in the previous hockey season had issued the Kings an NSF cheque or put a STOP PAYMENT on a cheque without casue, the member will be required to pay all registration fees by cash, certified cheque or money order.  In the case where a member pays and the cheque is returned NSF or a Stop Payment occurs without cause during the current hockey season, the member will be required to pay the outstanding balance plus bank charges by cash, certified cheque or money order and this payment and all outstanding balances are to be paid in full immediately.

Dressing Room Policy

TO:  ODMHA Council, District Chairs, Minor Hockey Association Presidents and Team Officials

FR:  Brent Dick, V.P. Risk, Safety and Conduct Management, ODHA
        Jeff Steele, Director Risk and Safety Management, ODMHA

DT:  September 23rd, 2010

RE:  Supervision of Players

In follow-up to recent enquiries as to the responsibility of player supervision during sanctioned events, it is important to understand our “duty of care”, as it pertains to civil liability.  Every team official and volunteer who is an adult, has an inherit responsibility to maintain safe and sportsmanlike environments for our participants/players.

Team Officials are responsible for the safety and welfare of their players at ALL times during our sanctioned events; this includes on ice activities such as games and practices, off-ice activities including when players are changing in the dressing room both prior to and after on-ice activities, other team-related events being held away from the arena, such as dry land training or fundraising campaigns and team related activities while attending out of town tournaments.  We cover this repeatedly in all of our clinics, and specifically discuss it in Speak Out, given that player supervision, is the single most effective method of prevention when it comes to conduct based issues.

If it is a “team-related” event, organized by team officials, then there needs to be appropriate adult supervision in place.  In particular regarding out of town tournaments, team officials should be meeting with parents prior to the road trip to discuss player supervision.  It is recommended that both the team official and parent define their roles, outlining when they’re specifically responsible for a child’s supervision.  For example, the team official is responsible for a player’s supervision in the change room prior to the game, on the ice and at the bench during competition and immediately after the game in the change room.  The parent becomes responsible when his/her child exits the change room after the game into their care.

It is consistently stressed to every volunteer to practice the “two-deep” method of supervision; that is, having at least 2 adults providing supervision at all times during our events.  This not only protects the player, but also the Team Official.

While this is not a “policy”, it is a common sense application.  Bottom line, the Team’s Officials are responsible for their players well-being during our sanctioned events. And simply not being in the change room does not absolve one from this responsibility.

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